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How To Order THC In The Mail

Sat, Jul 30, 2022 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

If you thought ordering CBD from the comfort of your own home was great, wait until you try doing the same thing with THC.

Seriously: there's one way to order THC in the mail that's completely legal regardless of which state you live in. Keep reading to learn how it's done.

  • Is THC actually legal?
  • The magic of hemp-derived THC
  • How to order THC in the mail: just order a full spectrum CBD + THC product!

Is THC actually legal?

Not so long ago, ordering THC through the mail meant knowing someone who knew someone who had a, well, steady supply of black market bud. This bud usually came from either the West Coast or Mexico, and its high price was often paired with volatile quality.

(Anybody who was a cannabis connoisseur before it was cool can probably relate to this. Hey, it's not your fault you were ahead of your time!)

More thankful to report that cannabis laws have taken a drastic turn for the better in the past couple of decades. THC itself is being decriminalized in many areas, and one particular form of THC is actually federally legal!

The magic of hemp-derived THC

In 2014 a Federal Farm Bill was approved by Congress and signed into law. That in and of itself isn't anything unusual — Federal farm bills are created every four years — but this one was different. It made provisions for each state to begin growing hemp via university-led pilot programs. [1

Soon enough University researchers universities and researchers all across the country were growing hemp. And they weren't the only ones; some forward-thinking supplement companies were quick to follow suit.

The only stipulation for all this hemp-growing was that each crop couldn't contain more than 0.3% THC by dry weight. In other words, the Farm Bill clearly delineated between high-THC, low-CBD cannabis and high-CBD, low-THC hemp. Only the latter was legal.

But it didn't take long for CBD manufacturers to realize just how quickly that 0.3% could add up. Harvesting an acre of low-THC hemp flower, for example, results in the accumulation of thousands and thousands of milligrams of THC.

These manufacturers also came to realize that the Farm Bill’s 0.3% figure actually became pretty generous if applied to a finished product. A CBD edible, for example, that weighs 100 grams could theoretically contain 0.3 grams — or 300 milligrams — of hemp-drived THC. (For those of you who don't know, that's enough to power even the most serious stoner for at least 3 days.)

How to order THC in the mail: just order a full spectrum product!

The subheading above says it all. Ordering premium THC in the mail is as easy as ordering a full spectrum CBD product that also contains THC! As we said earlier, that 0.3% THC can really add up

Case in point: our Daily Buzz CBD + THC Gummies. Order them in the mail and you'll be getting access took 100 milligrams of ultra-premium, fully legal hemp-derived THC. That comes out to exactly 5 milligrams per gummy. 

Not a big fan of gummies? No problem. You can also order THC through the mail by opting for our CBD + THC Oil or Capsules. These products contain nearly as much THC as our pleasantly-buzzy Gummies do.

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